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The Geothermal greenhouse crop production system in Tozeur: current situation and prospects for sustainable

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1 Regional Center for Research in Oasian Agriculture, 2260, Tozeur, Tunisia.

2UR13AGR09- Integrated Horticultural Production in the Tunisian Centre East, Regional Centre of Research on Horticulture and Organic Agriculture, University of Sousse, 4042, Chott-Mariem, Tunisia.

3 Regional Commissary for Agricultural Development Tozeur Avenue Farhat. Hached- 2200 Tozeur.

Abstract - Geo-greenhouse farming, along with oasis agriculture, represents one of the main agricultural activities with a vital socio-economic importance in the Tozeur region. However, in recent years this activity showed an accelerated decline. The diagnosis of the situation allowed to identify several factors affecting the sustainability of this system production. The continuous salinization of the soil and the water quality are the main environmental constraints affecting geothermal greenhouses crops. Socio-economic problems are mainly associated with the size and the social nature of the projects. Faced with this situation, rational management of non-renewable natural resources, in this case the soil, and restructuring and strengthening of projects types would be imperative for a sustainability perspective.

Keywords: Geo-greenhouse, Tozeur, current situation, sustainability.



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