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Mourning on behalf of Pr.Boulbaba Rekik

We are tremendously saddened to announce that our editor-in-chef, Professor Boulbaba REKIK, passed away following from an apparent heart attack.

His passing was quick and painless. This is shocking and terribly distressful news for all of us, and it will take a long time for us to come to grips with this loss. Our immediate thoughts and prayers are with Boulbaba’s family and with his laboratory and close co-workers, and we offer them our condolences.

Pr. Boulbaba will be remembered as an extremely creative and thoughtful scientist, able to seamlessly blend the questions he so passionately pursued with his analysis in food and animal sciences. His contributions to the agriculture and environmental fields are unquestioned, and are reflected in his outstanding international reputation and many awards and honors.

He, also, will be remembered as a warm and caring friend, and as a dedicated mentor who always gave credit to his “troops”. He will be remembered by all best moments shared with the company of others, and for his gentle humour. He will be remembered as a wonderful colleague who gave freely of his time, advice and expertise. And he will be remembered for serving the journal of new sciences with great distinction in many capacities.

With sadness,

JNS team