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Integration crop-livestock under conservation agriculture system

Intégration culture-élevage sous agriculture de conservation 






1National Agronomic Institute of Tunisia, Laboratory of Genetic, Animal and Food Resources, University of Carthage, 43 AV.Ch. Nicolle, 1082, Tunis, Tunisia

2National Institute of Agronomic Research of Tunisia, University of Carthage, Laboratory of Animal Productions and Forage, Hédi Karray street, 2049 Ariana, Tunisia

Abstract – The increase of population and the low production represent a big problem in many countries, especially in arid and semi-arid regions of the Mediterranean basin. The climatic changes as well as environmental phenomena are the cause of low productivity. To deal with this situation, the soil quality in terms of organic matter must be improved which need to leave a permanent soil cover on soil surface. Livestock can be integrated in conservation agriculture system and competition between crop and livestock for residues can be solved by many solutions. In this context, the implementation of conservation agriculture is becoming a real challenge for farmers and presents an alternative to traditional system based on tillage.

Keywords: Integration crop-livestock, conservation agriculture system, sustainability

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